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Why is the filming of The Silver Chair a mistery?

I have tried really hard but it’s being impossible to find new information about the filming of the fourth movie of The Chronicles of Narnia. Why is it so misterious? The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was supposed to have a budget around $155,000,000 and it didn’t recover the money in the USA, but I guess it made it in the whole world. I’d love to see The Silver Chair, but maybe it is too expensive to be filmed, so someone brave could try to do a short (but impressive) film with the very beginning of Narnia, the one told in The wrong door. In that book Aslan creates Narnia, that is only a world among many others and there is  a place “The wood between the worlds” where you can chose which way to go. That place always reminds me the “limbo” created in the Marvel Universe, the only place where all the different multiverses converge. Well, if I hear something new about The Silver Chair I promise to share it with everybody.