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Is Bryan Singer to be the director of The Wolverine?

 Some weeks ago Darren Aronofsky decided not to be involved in the new version of Wolverine (that is supposed to be titled The Wolverine). Nobody knows who is to be the director of the movie, but Bryan Singer could be the choice. But why do I say that? I’m just guessing according to the name of the writer of the movie:  Christopher McQuarrie. Who is this guy? He has written other movies such as The tourist and The way of the gun. Those tittles are irrelevant to my supposition. The ones  really important, written by McQuarrie, are Jack the Giant Killer, Valkyrie, The usual suspects and Public access. The four movies were directed by… Bryan Singer! So, maybe MQuarrie may encourage his friend to return to direct a Marvel movie. We just have to wait and see.