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Spanish cinema is different, definitely

Today we have known the movie Spain has chosen to fight for the Oscar, También la lluvia, and it’s a film that hasn’t been released on cinemas, and it’s not to be until January, so practically nobody knows if the movie it’s nice, good, brutal, funny…

Apart from that, those days we can see a Spanish movie based on comics, El Gran Vázquez, but instead on characters it’s based on the writer of those comics, Manuel Vázquez. The movie it’s really nice to be seen, but I guess it’s only for the internal market.

Day & Night, by Teddy Newton

This is a plain-looking movie, but a really interesting one. On screen you can see Day and Night, two characters that represent exactly what their name call. Behind, there are multiple readings that depend only on the mind of the spectator. You can see a political movie (the idea of black and white together, even fading into only one character just to change the role happy and inmediately), a movie that defends 3-D (it’s easy to understand the radio broadcast as a defense of new ideas, even if we know it’s a speech by the American author Wayne Dyer), or you can see a funny movie involving two grumpy and friendly heroes. No matter what you think the movie is about, the only important thing is that you are watching a wonderful example of a great movie. And for free, because it’s shown (at least in Spain) before the screening of Toy Story 3. The official page of this short-film doesn’t give more hints to understand it, so watch it and enjoy it.