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The King’s Speech is a winner

After watching The King’s Speech I only have a doubt: Is Colin Firth to win the Oscar or is Geoffrey Rush the elected one? Well, the trick is to nominate one as a supporting actor and the other one as the best actor, but to be honest both should share the maximum prize. It’s impossible to understand the movie without one of them, so who is the supporting actor? The British director Tom Hooper (completely unknown for me before this story) has a winner in his hands and I imagine he knows it. In fact, the story is directed to win, with great dialogues, with a story of overcoming, and above all a happy ending. Last but not least, the movie is partly embedded into the Second World War. So, who is the one who expects to win The King’s Speech next year when the Oscars arrive? I guess no one, not even David Fincher with his Social Network.