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Who are you to fight for in a war between humans and apes?

The movie Rise of the planet of the apes show how our civilization collapses. The disaster has two reasons: human ambition and the rise of smarter apes as a new specie. Between those two species is supposed to begin a war, specially since the monkeys killed some humans in San Francisco. The question is who are you to fight for? Ambitious humans or intelligent apes? If you are a clever human being I guess you should enlist Caesar‘s armies (being Caesar the chimpanzee leader of the revolution, aka Andy Serkis) but I can imagine that enlistment is not to be open to humans, so you have to fight with other people or just become the member of the fifth column, fighting for the apes from clandestinity. Now, I’m giving ideas to Hollywood writers. What about another planet of the apes movie with an army of linnets fighting to get the supremacy of monkeys. The narrator of that story could be a surprised ape who doesn’t understand that small and destructive bunch of humans. Meanwhile, I guess we have to settle with Rupert Wyatt‘s film and enjoy it, because is really really funny and FX are absolutely amazing and (as it is said in comics) scintillating.