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Piranha 3D: Nostalgia and entrails

Piranha 3D is a really really funny movie, specially if you love watching huge fish eating people alive (I suppose you only love that on fiction, if that’s not your case you must be on another webpage, maybe one for psychos, this is just about cinema). Apart from the hilarious part, Piranha is also a very nostalgic movie as you can see in the casting.

Elizabeth Sue, the sheriff here, was the star in movies like Cocktail, Karate Kid and Back to the Future.

Richard Dreyfuss, the first one to be eaten, fought the shark in the original Jaws (the director Alexandre Aja also wanted Joe Dante and James Cameron, who directed the two prior versions of Piranha. At last it was impossible).

Christopher Lloyd, who stars a crazy scientist, is always to be Dr. Emmett Brown, also in Back to the Future.

Ving Rhames started in the 80’s with two Miami Vice episodes.

Jerry O’Connell‘s first role was as a child in Stand by me.