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Where is the good Spanish movie of this year (2010)?

Spanish cinematography is peculiar. Every year hundred of movies are shot in Spain and a huge amount of them are released on cinemas. In spite of that, every year there is, as much, a couple of good movies. The problem now is that distributors are already showing to the medias the movies that are to be released on october and no good movie has still appeared. Is it 2010 to be a blank year? I hope not.

Here is a list of last years good Spanish movies (always according to my own criteria, of course).

2010: ?

2009: Celda 211 (also, Agora)

2008: Camino

2007: Bajo las estrellas (also Caótica Ana, a movie that everybody -except me- hates)

2006: Un franco, catorce pesetas