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What kind of fanatics worship this God?

Exodus: Gods and KingsAs we learnt in Noah, God is terribly cruel and merciless. In that movie he committed genocide without a remorse and nowadays, on screens we got a new example of this callous behaviour: Exodus. Gods and Kings.

In this case, God wants the Egyptians to free the Hebrews. What would you do to free them if you are an allmighty being?

a) Simply to order it.

b) Put every single Egyptian into a deep dream and let the Hebrews flee freely.

c) Create the human beings to be good people and to get a friendly solution, without a dispute.

d) Send 10 different and horrible plagues that kill practically every animal in Egypt, and of course every little baby, causing a brutal suffering to each family in the country.

If you are a cruel god, you know that the right answer is “d”.

Rhamses (and I guess practically every viewer of the movie) doesn’t understand a god so terrible, so he asks Moses: “What kind of fanatics worship this God?”.

Well, in this movie that awful God is a creepy boy that is a perfect mixture between Caillou and a midget. I’m sure that Ridley Scott saw the achondroplasic devil of Lords of Salem and said: “Hey, if they got a tiny devil we fight back with our own tiny god”.

If you want to see Exodus you must know it’s “only” 150 minutes of already known information and a lot of yawnings, and although they have hundreds of extras even the battles are boring.

Someone should have also said to Scott that the nose of the Sphynx was destroyed in times of Napoleon, many many years after this myth. And to make the story a bit more real, that the pyramids were never built by slaves, Hebrews or whoever. I know that slaves whipped dragging huge blocks it’s quite cinematographic but it’s not real, although many people believe it.

You are now warned but you are free to enter at your own risk.

Why asgardians are not gods in Thor, the movie?

The Destroyer arrives

When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Thor they didn’t have any doubt at all. Thor and any other Asgardian are gods, like many other gods from Greek, Jewish, Hindi or any other religion. In fact all of them appear in the Marvel Universe. It’s strange that in the movie the three human characters speak about the Asgardians and they decide they are alien beings from another dimension that have come to the Earth in the past and people from nordic countries (maybe because they were primitives) had thought they were gods, but they are not really gods, they are just aliens. I don’t understand the reason of the change. Does Marvel (on pictures because not on comics) have pressures from the most conservative people in the film industry? Are those pressures the same that have minimize Jim Caviezel‘s career after The Passion of the Christ? How big is the power of religious groups in the film industry? For me, Thor is and is always to be a God, the only one with a capital G.