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Are you upset by Noah? Don’t be


Darren Aronofsky has directed a very funny movie about Noah, the building of his ark and the great flood. You can have fun with the movie or not, but you shouldn’t be upset.
Why not? Here you have some reasons.
1. The movie is a fiction and you don’t have to be upset by fictions. If you are a scientific you know that no one can fly, so you don’t complain because Superman flies, because it’s a fiction. By definition, every movie is a fiction, so don’t be upset.

2.  The great flood never happened. It is a nice myth that, as far as we know, was invented in Mesopotamia in the Epic of Gilgamesh, more than 4.500 years ago. It looks like some cities of that area were flooded on that time and that was the origin of the myth that many other cultures have copied. If the great flood is a fiction you don’t have to be upset.
3. If the great flood is a very old myth, Noah must also be a myth, so Aronofsky can do what he wants with the character. In fact he has created Noah in his own image: a vegan with an amazing respect for the rest of animals of the world and also a little bit drunken psychopath. I guess Aronofsky doesn’t share those two last features, but at least he is a vegan.
4. So, if the great flood and Noah are myths (legends, lies, the name doesn’t matter) every book (religious or not) that includes that story and that character is a fictitious book. That’s the reason why Aronofsky can invent a very funny story full of Watchers, fallen rocky angels who protect Noah of the human hordes who wants to get into the ark when the flood begins. If you don’t like that interpretation of your book, I’m sorry for you, but I didn’t like the version that the Coen brothers  filmed of No country for old men and I don’t want to start a religious war against the directors.

¿Será Bryan Singer el director de la nueva versión de Lobezno?

 Hace un par de semanas Darren Aronofsky decidió quedarse fuera de la nueva versión de Lobezno (que se supone que se va a titular simplemente The Wolverine). De momento, nadie sabe quién va a ser el director de la peli, pero la opción podría ser Bryan Singer. ¿Por qué lo digo? Estoy haciendo una simple suposición, teniendo en cuenta el nombre del guionista de la cinta, que ya está decidido: Christopher McQuarrie. ¿Quién es este tipo? Ha escrito películas como The tourist y Secuestro infernal. Esos títulos son totalmente irrelevantes para mi suposición. Los filmes más importantes, escritos por McQuarrie, son Jack the Giant Killer (todavía en rodaje), Valkiria, Sospechosos habituales y Public access. Las cuatro fueron dirigidas por ¡Bryan Singer! No sería tan raro que McQuarrie animase a su amigo para que volviese a dirigir una peli de Marvel. Ya sólo queda esperar a ver qué pasa.

Is Bryan Singer to be the director of The Wolverine?

 Some weeks ago Darren Aronofsky decided not to be involved in the new version of Wolverine (that is supposed to be titled The Wolverine). Nobody knows who is to be the director of the movie, but Bryan Singer could be the choice. But why do I say that? I’m just guessing according to the name of the writer of the movie:  Christopher McQuarrie. Who is this guy? He has written other movies such as The tourist and The way of the gun. Those tittles are irrelevant to my supposition. The ones  really important, written by McQuarrie, are Jack the Giant Killer, Valkyrie, The usual suspects and Public access. The four movies were directed by… Bryan Singer! So, maybe MQuarrie may encourage his friend to return to direct a Marvel movie. We just have to wait and see.