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Btw, Buried is the best Spanish movie of 2010.

Some time ago I wondered if this is to be a blank year, related to a good Spanish movie, but I have already found it: Buried.

Buried is a very special story, directed by Rodrigo Cortés and written by Chris Sparling. A man wakes up inside a buried coffin and that’s it. Maybe you think you have already seen that, in an old Hitchcock story or even in a Tarantinto‘s CSI episode, but you are completely wrong. Here the action is restricted exclusively to that single scenario and there are no flash-backs or any outside light (apart from a fantasmagorical one). Ryan Reynolds is the actor chosen to this incredible adventure and it’s a great decision, because his job is astonishing. The movie has even a special and peculiar quality: it’s trepidant without going out a coffin. How the director did it? You must see it to understand it. So, be my guest and go to the cinema, everywhere in the world to watch it. You are to amazed. Promised.