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“The Artist”, the last remake to win the Oscar to the best motion picture

The director Michel Hazanavicius denies it everytime he speaks, but anyone with an Internet connection can check it. You only have to look for Singin’ in the rain, download it, watch it and get shocked: The Artist is a perfect copy, no matter what the director says.

Here is a short list of the remakes that won the Oscar to the best motion picture.

1. The Artist (2011) , a direct and uncredited remake of Singin’ in the rain.

2. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), the first remake to win the Oscar. The original was an Australian movie called In the wake of the Bounty (1933), the first one that Errol Flynn played.

3. The ten commandments (1956). Cecil B. DeMille copied himself from the movie he directed in 1923. First one was longer, silent and much, much funnier. Apart from the story in Egypt it included a modern one with a mother with both children, a devilish one and an angelical guy. God is a merciless being who punish the mother for their children’s sins.

4. Ben-Hur (1959) was a remake of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925). In the silent movie played uncredited Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Douglas Fairbanks, Clark Gable, Janet Gaynor, Lillian Gish… and many more.

5. Gigi (1958) was directed by Jacqueline Audry with the same title back in 1949. Vincente Minelli turned the story into a musical and got the main prize.

6. My fair lady (1964) was a remake of Pygmalion (1938), even when we have to admit that Audrey Hepburn is a zillion times more glamourous than Wendy Hiller.

7. The departed (2006), based on Infernal Affairs (2002). Martin Scorsese made the trick and got the Oscar with a movie that is far below many others the director has filmed, including Hugo, the one who was on the race this year 2012.