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Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables

I thought I was to die without watching practically every action actor working together in a movie, but Stallone did it. The script of The Expendables is not to be amazed, so you have to pay attention to the different roles the actors play because they have a reference in their real life. You have to watch the movie and discover which one is that reference. Later you can tell me if you have found them all. The movie is perfect for gore-movies lovers, not meaning with that an Al Gore film related to his enterprises or the global warming, but meaning a bloody bloody bloody story. If you adore a rain of bullets, able to destroy flesh and bones, you are to love this movie and even maybe you are to buy it once in the stores. Apart from those guys in the picture you can also enjoy the acting of Bruce Willis and Arnold Scharzenegger. The scene that join together Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis is a perfect moment and coud have been a short-film. I guess it’s to be really soon on YouTube, so no spoilers on my part, just watch it and enjoy with the spilling blood.