The importance of being Wes Anderson

Having a good script is not a garanty to have a success. In fact, it always depends on the director’s skills. Moonrise Kingdom is a great example of my prior sentence. With a simple story (a boy and a girl run away from home to live happily together) Wes Anderson creates a great movie, but what would have happened with another director? I can imagine the story signed for another film-makers.

Pedro Almodovar: A boy and a girl run away from home. The girl is really a boy, and the boy is really a dog. Both of them have changed into something else, after a surgery sponsored by a revenger who was the owner of the dog and the father of the boy. At the end, everybody dies and an old woman makes an easy joke.

Kenneth Branagh: A boy (Kenneth Branagh) and a girl (also Kenneth Branagh) run away from home. They arrive to a lake and look vaguely into the water. Using the surface of the lake as a mirror (so we have 4 Branaghs on the screen) they recite the complete works of William Shakespeare.

James Cameron: A boy and a girl run away from home. They really have a mission: to save humanity from an apocalyptic future. Practically the whole movie revolves around the girl, that is the heroine of the story and fights against all kinds of robots, but at the end the boy dies and everybody remembers him as the hero.

Roland Emmerich: A boy and girl run away from home just a second before it a spacecraft crash into the house. They arrive to Washington DC and the aliens attack and destroy the Capitol and the White House. The president saves the world, using something irrelevant and a bit stupid, picks up the couple of children and takes them back to their parents.

David Lynch: A boy thinks he is running away from home. A girl knows nothing and disappears. A policeman laughs. The girl dies. The boy dies. They get married. They die and are happy. A policeman laughs. A boy thinks he is running away from home (or not).

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