How deeply can you be involved when making a documentary?

I have watched today a Spanish documentary, directed by Helena Taberna and titled Nagore (that is to be released soon, at least in Spain). It’s the real story of a trial. A young man has killed a young woman and the story is told from the point of view of the people involved in the story: the family, the lawyers, the politicians of Navarra, the victim’s friends… It is an interesting movie, because we go inside a real trial to see how the justice works and we also see some unique scenes, like the reconstruction of the killing, with the killer, the lawyer, some policemen and even a woman who plays the victim (I don’t envy that job). When I see movies like this one, I always wonder how deeply can someone be involved when making a documentary. You are in front of the family, listening to a terrible story and you must be professional enough to mantain the camera and don’t push it away the hug the victim’s family. The polish director Kieslowski started filming documentaries, but one day he decided it was to hard to get into another people’s life. It was like being in hell, so he decided to change his style and started filming fiction who looked like real life but it wasn’t. I am not hard enough to do this kind of movies (in case I’ll film some kind), but  I still recommend Nagore.

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